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At one with our inner youth
We are an online gaming company driven to create compelling entertainment experiences across online, mobile, and tablet platforms for the hardcore gamer.
Our name "ZQ" derives from the Chinese words Zhong meaning "within" and Qing meaning "youth" when used in certain contexts. "Within youth" speaks directly to our philosophy of crafting games that connect with gamers who are young at heart no matter the age.
Now with over 1,800 employees and 20 studios in our group of companies, we are proud to say we have been at one with our cause.

We make:

  • Free-to-play MMO and browser games
  • Downloadable games
  • Social games on facebook
  • iOS and Android games

Our History

Where East meets West

Our company's story started in the server business. As a world's leading publicly-traded server company, Powerleader Science & Technology Company founded ZQGame as a subsidiary in 2003.

Over the next few years, ZQGame has turned out award-winning online games on multiple platforms, and has been known as a notable business in Asia. In 2008, ZQGame received venture capital funding and expanded their company to create additional game products which received positive reception.

In 2010, ZQGame successfully filed an initial public offering and became the first native online gaming company to go public on the Chinese stock exchange in Shenzhen.

The IPO has allowed the company to raise over 110 million dollars, during which operations have started to make headway into overseas markets. In 2011, ZQGame's first US branch opened in Silicon Valley, California.

From here on in, ZQGame has begun a mission to bring world-class experiences to gamers all around the world.